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25/06/2012 | We are pleased to announce a new addition to our range of support services

We are glad to offer a brand new service to supply you with spare parts ready and shipped within 24 hours of ordering. It’s called SP24.
A system to give our and your customers the support they need even faster.

Which products are covered?
SP24 will be available for the following types of spare parts:

  • Spare parts currently in production
  • Unconfigured spare parts not available in made-to-measure sizes
  • Maximum dimensions: Euro pallet.

In particular, this means electronic cards, motors, mechanical components and accessories for all four divisions (Gate automations, Automatic doors, Sectional overhead doors, and Industrial flexible doors).

How does it work?
The code for each part covered by the system will be marked as SP24 in the spare parts pricelists from June 2012.
SP24 orders should be sent via e-commerce, if possible, or by email to Customer Services.
In order to be recognised, orders must include the code SP24 in the email subject line.
Orders sent via e-commerce must be explicitly tagged as such: simply select the option “SP24” from the drop-down menu in the “production method” field.
Orders received by 3pm (on “day 1”) will be shipped by 3pm on the next working day (day 2). This will be the cut-off time, so all SP24 orders received later in the day will be shipped by 3pm on day 3. The process will be managed by an automated order-processing system, therefore no amendments or special requests can be accommodated.
Worldwide exports will be handled by DHL Express. Transport costs will be calculated according to the weight and delivery destination. The courier guarantee us the fastest possible delivery time available for the option chosen; specific prices will apply.
For any problems or queries, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support or Customer Service offices, who will be pleased to provide further information.